Wednesday, January 01, 2020

A Brief History of INFODAD.COM

INFODAD.COM has been providing reviews online since 1997, and has been on Blogger since 2005, two years after Google acquired the service from Pyra Labs. The Infodad Team consists of a network of freelancers: trained and aspiring writers, working journalists, educators, students, homemakers, and others with a strong interest in the subjects covered by INFODAD.COM.

All writing is edited for style and grammar by the original Infodad, Mark J. Estren, president of TransCentury Communications, Inc. ("Info" = Information; "dad" = father of two).

Estren ( is a Psychology and English Ph.D. and the former editor and publisher of High Technology Business magazine. He has been General Manager of Financial News Network on cable television, Executive Producer of The Nightly Business Report for PBS, Executive Vice President of United Press International, and a senior and executive producer for both CBS and ABC News. Fortune magazine chose him as one of its "People to Watch."

Estren has written books on medical subjects (Statins: Miraculous or Misguided? and Prescription Drug Abuse), health issues (coauthor of Healing Hormones and Heal Yourself), and psychological matters (coauthor of Question Authority to Think for Yourself). He has a strong interest in animal-human interactions from an ethical perspective, in which capacity he has contributed to Journal of Animal Ethics and to two books, Animal Ethics for Veterinarians and The Palgrave Handbook of Practical Animal Ethics. His ethical/spiritual concerns also led him to put together and contribute to an essay collection, One Toke to God: The Entheogenic Spirituality of Cannabis. In addition, Estren is the author of A History of Underground Comics, and he was a major contributor to In a Word, a book for which he created and defined dozens of words that ought to exist in English, but don't.

As for words that do exist: TransCentury uses them in its editing, writing, financing and consulting work for a wide variety of media companies, publishing firms and other businesses. Projects include book and music testing and reviews...writing and editing for several publications...producing columns, articles and short pieces on investments, family issues and psychology for national distribution...thinking up creative marketing plans for publishers and authors...and much more.

Among Estren's avocations are classical music -- he studied conducting at Tanglewood Institute under Erich Leinsdorf -- and reptiles. Estren is a herpetologist, and he regularly rescues and rehabilitates snakes, lizards and turtles and does presentations about them at schools and community facilities. (Aren't you glad you read to this point?)

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